Commercial Asset
Management & Leasing

By partnering with SG Real Estate, you will enter into a successful business relationship with a regional firm that will work extensively for you and your commercial real estate assets.

SG Real Estate has helped make our property substantially more profitable and helped establish it as one of the premier properties in the area.”
— East Bay commercial real estate investor

Scope of Services

Leasing and Management

We facilitate all marketing, negotiation, and leasing of vacant spaces at the highest possible rents. Additionally, we manage tenant relations with an emphasis on customer service and retention/renewal. Compared to average asking prices of comparable properties, the rents of our commercial spaces are 8-12% higher.

  • Aggressively advertise on all visible listing services
  • Directly market vacancies to potential tenants
  • Carefully vet and select potential commercial tenants in order to ensure minimal risk and to increase the demand and marketability of our buildings
  • Negotiate new leases with skill and experience so that the terms of the deal are always in the best interest of our clients
  • Leverage our excellent customer service into the highest tenant-retention rates and favorable lease renewals


Using a dual emphasis on pride-of-ownership and cost-effective solutions, we manage all maintenance using in-house teams, trusted vendors, and our extensive experience. For properties in our portfolio, Net Operating Income increased 16-33% after 12 months under our management.

  • Mobilize our in-house SG Facilities team to promptly address maintenance needs and provide janitorial/landscaping at discounted rates to our clients
  • Proactively assess building conditions to identify preventative maintenance opportunities
  • Utilize our network of preferred vendors for bidding and execution of large projects and tenant improvements
  • Perform routine building inspections and generate property condition reports
  • Manage all property service contracts and providers, ensuring competitive pricing and high performance

Administrative and Financial

We execute all the administrative and financial requirements at the most professional level and with the utmost fiduciary responsibility. By insourcing nearly all of our facilities needs, we save our clients an average of 25% compared with the same services being outsourced to a third party.

  • Process, categorize, and deposit all monthly accounts payable and receivable
  • Operate and reconcile trust accounts and provide monthly financial performance reports, including profit/loss and cash flow
  • Manage loans and track balance sheets
  • Enforce lease terms including late and non-payments
  • Audit buildings expenses to identify potential cost-savings
  • Track and implement CAM, NNN, and operating-expense increase charges